An innovative marketing solution making it easy to create engagement

Approaching our smart cards (NFC) to a smartphone, something automatically opens on this smartphone.

A web page, a social network, a phone number, a location on Google Maps or the link to download an APP.

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  • Use

    Some examples of use

    Business card, presentation of a product, commercial action, loyalty program, menu of the day, reservation, sharing on social networks, adding a comment after a visit,...

    A good way to make the link between the physical world and the digital world .

  • Size

    They keep in a wallet

    The Smartcards look like a credit card. They can be easily put in a wallet. This makes it easier for people to keep a paper card. It also creates a reminder of your brand , your activity,...

    We can provide other formats such as bracelets, keychains, self-adhesive labels,...

  • Design

    2-sided color printing

    Our professional team will create your design for both sides. You can also provide it to us. In this case we will send you the technical information.

  • Landing page

    Don't you have an Internet page ?

    We can create your landing page according to your needs.

    For example a landing web page where you publish your promotions or your menu of the day. It can also be a form,...

  • Smartphones

    Android & iOS

    It works with all recent Android and iOS smartphones.

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